Monday, July 11, 2011


WE GOT TO HANG OUT WITH JOSH'S FAMILY TONIGHT! It was so good to go out and see loved ones. Josh is feeling sooooo much better. He still has to keep taking it easy for a couple more months... But his energy level is definitely getting better, and his throat is very nearly healed. :D So today was the first day that he felt comfortable going out and being around people. David was over too, so we had a good time playing Truth Be Told and Halo. Mostly it was just refreshing to get to see everyone again ;) It'd been too long. 

I think my laptop is toast. That's the reason I haven't had any editing software for the past week and a half :/ It's a bummer. Hopefully it just needs a new battery or Josh can fix it for me.. We'll see. 

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