Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Look at alllll the yummy fruit we got today! YAY. We've got a ton of vegetables, too, but they're not as pretty to look at ;) This grocery trip was the beginning of our get-back-into-health initiative. Tomorrow, we're going to start juicing our vegetables (with a little fruit thrown in here and there) and that juice be our main source of nutrients. We plan to wean ourselves off of processed food within the next few months and hopefully for the rest of the year.. I'm not going to go into too much detail about our plan, but just so no one out there thinks we're blindly going into this, I promise, we're not. Please don't try to change my mind about this, I've experienced firsthand the many benefits of juicing, and I'm 100% convinced! We plan to go visit Dr Rawdon (my nutritionist) sometime next week, and he'll keep an eye on us throughout the whole process, just to make sure we're being safe and getting all the vitamins and minerals and protein that we need. (I know you people freak out about your protein! lol) We're not going to do a juice fast - we'll still eat some solid foods too - but the juices will be a major part of our diet for the next few months :) I'm really excited! I know it's gonna be difficult, but it'll be worth it. Josh has wonderfully agreed to go on this diet with me, knowing that without his support, I wouldn't last a month. It's difficult impossible to drink carrot juice when your sweetheart's eating a pizza :P 

And I wanna make one thing clear, because when you say the word, 'diet,' people usually assume you're trying to lose weight. That's not what this is about for us - it's about being as healthy as we can be, inside and out. I know I don't need to lose weight, but I also know that my poor insides aren't getting all the nutrients they need. And if I want to keep me healthy, I need to treat my body better. And Josh too! So we can live long and happy lives, and so our future kiddos don't have to live with lethargic or sickly parents. :D That's the ultimate goal. SPEAKING OF HEALTHY, CHECK OUT THIS PICTURE OF JORDAN BIKING:

How'dya like my awkward transition there? ;) I'm telling you, Jordan is a cycling fiend. We finally got to go to one his races tonight, after a month-long absence. It was great to see him race again! Jordan had a good start, even leading the pack on the first few laps, but he clipped his pedal on the curb and almost wiped out! Somehow, he caught himself by balancing on one wheel AND one pedal, leaned his bike in the opposite direction and he stayed up and kept racing. He said that when it happened, everyone behind him was amazed; they called up things like, "Whoa, good save!" One guy afterward described what he saw saying that Jordan "looked like he was riding his bike upside down." Not sure how that would work, haha, but there it is! Unfortunately, his pedal got bent, his seat fell a little, and one of his brake pads started rubbing against his tire for the rest of the race (not good!). He came in 12th place - despite all the complications - which keeps him in 3rd place overall. The other cyclists kept coming up to him after the race to express their amazement and respect. It was cool to see! We're so proud of Jordy. He did great

I'm totally obsessing over tonight's episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Amazing. Just amazing. Did anyone else almost cry when they realized that Melanie and Marko won't be paired up anymore? Those two should take note and work together after this whole thing is over. 

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