Thursday, July 14, 2011


We juiced all of this today! It was a little overwhelming, ha - it took a few hours, and the product was not delicious. Or even kinda yummy, haha. But we'll have plenty of time to figure out new combinations/flavors we can deal with. Today we just mixed everything together, in the spirit of getting it over with :p We have enough vegetable juice to last us at least a couple days! My goal is to replace one meal each day with veggie juice - maybe breakfast. Get those nutrients in first thing, you know?

While I'm not thrilled about what I know I'll feel during detox, I am thrilled about how I know I'll feel afterward! Gotta keep that bigger picture in mind.

We also did a little cleaning today.. this house has been pretty much neglected for over a month, so it feels good to have it clean. What a nice, productive day! I'm ready to kick back with some veggie juice, salmon for dinner, and a little So You Think You Can Dance. 

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