Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I think this looks awesome. We were trying to scan this instax print into the computer, but kept losing the white border. I wanted to keep it, so we grabbed the nearest sheet of paper that wasn't white (a magazine), with the intention of cropping around that border in-computer. We decided it looked cool though so I used a really loose crop  so you could still see the mag :) I think it looks really graphic and cool. Could be fun to play with! It's like the digital version of a photogram! Well, I guess not really. More like a collage. Whatever. 

It was a rough race this week. First off, it was HOT. Also, Jordan tried a different strategy this week that kinda screwed him. I think he got in still 8th or 9th.. Still top ten! I think he's doing great. He's the smallest and youngest of the cyclists in his group - so impressive. 

The whole family gets into the action. Look at that intense concentration:

It's been kind of an emotional day for me, so after the race, we stopped at Kroger to get some [coconut milk] ice cream (yumm-mm-mmm-ie) to eat during SYTYCD. It was a good episode tonight - certainly cheered me up! Gotta love that Bollywood. Also, they had the first Tango routine that I've ever really liked on the show! Excited about tomorrow :)

Ok that's it. I'm gonna go wind down on Pinterest for a little while. Peace out!

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