Friday, July 22, 2011


I had too much ice cream yesterday and the day before. Even if it was dairy- and soy-free, the sugar and chocolate and caramel were still there. Thank goodness they were - nothing beats the blues like sugar, chocolate, caramel, and a sweet husband to hold you close! ;) But now I wish I hadn't eaten as much as I did. Thankfully today was grocery day, which brought an abundance of healthy nutrients to nourish my body! Can't wait to crack open that watermelon, dude...

If I'm being honest, I feel a little overwhelmed by this new juicing thing. We're buying so many vegetables and fruits.. I'm not sure how much to juice and how much to save for eating, and organizing it all in our tiny fridge has proved to be a bit of a challenge. I hate when things go bad in my fridge - worst thing ever. So for now it's just a guessing game, I guess. A learning game! Same thing with finding juice/flavor combinations that we like. I need to allow myself some grace while we figure this thing out!

Josh and I are thinking about visiting the Farmer's Market next time we need veggies. I'm excited about supporting local farmers and getting tastier produce, but I know I'll be overwhelmed there too, haha. It'll be fun. When we I get the guts, you guys will be the first to know about our experience, of course. ;)

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