Saturday, July 23, 2011


I was encouraged by today's juicing session! Josh was more than willing to help me with the whole thing, but I excused him from kitchen duty because:
  1. I work better on my own. I'm most efficient when I can zone everything out and tackle one task at a time. Having to delegate brings me out of that zone and puts me a little on edge. 
  2. Our kitchen is freaking tiny. Trying to share that space without tripping all over each other is a joke, and it adds to the stress. 
The whole process went really well. There were a few moments of uncertainty, but I'm proud of how much I accomplished! Can you believe it took me three hours to get that much juice? I'm sure that as I get into a routine and decide which flavor combinations work best for us, it'll take less and less time. 

I'm gonna be honest, I didn't do so well last week with the "replace a meal with juice each day" or even "drink a little bit of juice each day" - Josh did much better than I did. I'm hoping that the variety of flavors this time around will help with that. Maybe I can make it a point to post how much / what kind of juice I drink each day... Nothing like a little public accountability to keep me motivated, yea? :P

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