Monday, July 25, 2011


Mmmmmm.. Today I made some delicious Strawberry Banana Bread.. I used this recipe, which I found via Pinterest, as a very basic guide... It's so rewarding to take a recipe, make it my own a little, and then it works. And it's not like, "Yeah this is alright but it probably woulda been better the other way." 

Blog News! I obviously changed the title to the sleeker (365)TwentyEleven. I hated the title "2011 in Pictures" from the beginning - it was supposed to just be a placeholder until I came up with something better... Now here we are, more than halfway through the year, haha.. it took me that long to come up with something better. Pathetic :p

I also added some info tabs to the site! It began as a way to de-clunk my sidebar, but then I started having fun with it. Check out my new About Me, Goals, and Favorite Blogs pages!

P.S. I drank almost 8oz of what I'm calling the "red veg juice." It's the one that tastes kinda like tomato soup. 

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