Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Jordan won his race tonight, even after crashing on the second lap. He totally came back and placed FIRST!  He almost got disqualified for this little celebration. You're not allowed to take your hands off the handlebars when/after you cross the finish line... That would have sucked. Thankfully they just gave him a warning. It was a seriously epic race tonight, though! Scared the poo out of us when he crashed! The guy in front of him slid on a leaf or something, so Jordan and a few other guys went sailing over the first guy. He rolled head over heels and it looked bad. But he hopped right up and rode to "the pit" where you're allowed to rejoin the main group on their next lap if you crash. Then he fought like crazy through the rest of the race and he did great :) He was so pumped! It was a great race. Poor Mrs Laurie almost had a heart attack, though :/ 

Before the race, we met up with Alex, Matt, and Alline at Starbucks, where we ran into Jen (no surprise there...) They all agreed to come out to the race with us, so with them, the Taylor family, and John and Jeremy... Jordan had an extra big cheering section tonight ;) It was a good time!

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