Thursday, July 28, 2011


We got to hang out with our good friends the MacDonalds tonight, for the first time in over a month!! It was wonderful! We just chilled - dinner and games but it was so nice just to all hang out together like old times. We've missed them. Amy and Jordan were here for a little while too, but I didn't pull out my camera until way after they left. 

I need to figure the lighting situation in my house. If I wait until night, I get too-dark photos that haven't been exposed properly.. I'd rather get it right the first time. Prosumer flashes intimidate me, though... 

I forgot to say yesterday that I only drank like 4oz of the red veg juice. Today I did even worse and didn't drink any, haha. In my defense, today was very busy.. But at least it ended on a good note ;)

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