Friday, July 29, 2011


I realized that I never posted a picture of Josh's completed tile! It's reading a little too pastel-y in this picture.. in real life, it's much more bright and vivid. And I love it :D So sweet.

I don't think I've mentioned that we spent the past couple of weeks deep-cleaning and reorganizing most of our house (I say, "most," because that spare room is still a disaster area). After 1+ month of sickness, things were piling up. (Think massive, malicious piles.) There was a lot to do, so I wrote down a list of all the things that needed to happen, then I planned the last coupla weeks around that list - one thing at a time, baby. I gotta say, it feels so good. The list system worked really well for Josh and I - writing everything down not only helped me feel less overwhelmed, but allowed Josh to see what I was trying to accomplish, and jump in when he could. Which I really appreciate!!! Like, really, really. Josh is wonderful about helping with chores, in general. I will continue to use lists, for sure. I even bought a cute little notebook for it!

So yesterday, the last thing on my list was crossed off. Granted, when I wrote, "vacuum house," I meant more of a thorough job than the quick run-over Josh did before guests showed up (Thanks, sweetheart!) So there'll be a major vacuuming day sometime next week. Including the stairs that I haven't vacuumed once in almost a year - not once. They're in desperate need of some TLC! So that'll happen next week. That, and hopefully we can put a dent in the spare room. Also, I'm going to implement a weekly cleaning routine instead of just waiting til I notice things need to be done. I feel like that makes more sense anyway, haha.

But for the moment, it's the weekend. Josh and I celebrated our 11 month anniversary by doing nothing. Nothing! It was glorious. Nowhere to be, nothing to do.. just hang out with my best friend all day. Josh made a delicious dinner for us, and we're about to watch a documentary that he wanted me to see :) 

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