Sunday, July 31, 2011


Caiden turned three today! (oops, his real birthday wasn't until the next day - "today" was just the party!) He was so excited about all his presents, it was adorable! Getting to hang out with the Musgrove/Willis/Lester family is always really good... They're the nicest group of people! We successfully avoided the (awesome looking, 3-shaped, decorated-like-a-racetrack, turns-your-teeth-black) cake, but we were starving afterward. So we went to Subway with Laurie, Amy, and Jordan, and it was a blast... I laugh the hardest when I'm with them! So yeah, puh-retty good day. 

I keep forgetting to post my juice intake. I know that not many of you care, but it's keeping me honest. Yesterday I had 16 oz of the carrot/apple juice, and today I haven't had any yet but I'm gonna grab myself an 8oz glass of the same juice to enjoy while I wind down for the night. 

Here's to the new week!

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