Thursday, August 4, 2011


THAT'S RIGHT. It's me. I've taken this blog hostage for day 216. We haven't been eating as carefully as we should the past couple of weeks. Kelli's veggie/fruit juicing has been going great, but we've been taking many liberties. Anyways, all that to say, she isn't feeling great. She isn't sick or anything. It's just one of those "I have to take it easy" kind of days.

Learning what to eat and what not to eat, and what herbal remedies really aid in her health, and which ones are just a nice compliment... it's all really confusing and overwhelming sometimes. Sometimes you just kind of wish everything could be spelled out, because if we knew exactly what to do to make her better, regardless of how hard it was, we'd do it in a heartbeat, if we were sure it'd work. It's just the uncertainty and randomness of the whole thing sometimes. It's just confusing. But we are still just trying our best, and waiting on the Good Lord. He has been very faithful to us, and we know He will continue to be.

Dad and I have had a ton of work lately. Yesterday and today, I have been working on a really complicated patent drawing that I'm doing based off of a hand sketch. Hand sketches are the worst. There's no possible way to know what they're really trying to show unless you've been doing patents for years and years and years. So, anyways, that was literally my entire day.

Oh'p, except for this morning. I went and voted in the Davidson Country election. I almost got in trouble once I got in there because I had a Ron Paul hat on (they made me quickly hide it underneath my shirt, haha. Aren't insanely generalized laws so smart?), and then I messed up my form and they had to go talk to someone about it because I couldn't just start a new form. But whatever, eventually I got to vote.

But yep, other than that, just worked on that hand sketch all day. Kelli played through like half of Portal 2. That's an absolutely amazing game. Highly recommended whether you like to play video games or not. So engaging, and once you start, it's hard to put it down.

Jordan, Amy, and I made a video yesterday called "Pudding Cookies" if you want to watch it. It feels good to make videos from time to time. And it looks like my siblings and I are finally ready to get back into the swing of it with less than a month until school starts back up for them. Oh well. We'll have fun while we can.

That's about it FOOS. Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

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