Saturday, August 6, 2011


Check out my two new nail polish colors! I got 'em the other day when I went shopping :) (Btw, that bruise underneath the last two toes on my left foot is the leftovers from the big foot ordeal [described here]. I don't think I ever put a picture of that up... Bummer! Y'all would be amazed.)

We went to the Taylor's tonight to hang out with them, the Bonhams, and Madeline. I didn't have my camera because we didn't know we were going til we were already out... Ohwells. They put up a swing in the backyard! Can't wait to try it when it's light outside... I was too sleepy to try a night ride on the thing. But they assured me it was awesome. Always good times with those people! Even when I'm out of it :) Gonna go remedy that now. G'night!

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