Saturday, August 6, 2011


Bleh. I wish I were healthy. It's not like I don't work really hard to be healthy! I'm tired of getting sick for little to no reason. Now, I know that if I were eating and living as well as I should, I'd be ok - everything would be pretty much balanced. But the frustrating thing is that everything I'm doing isn't enough. It just feels hopeless sometimes. Shrug. 

But thank God for grace, for a husband who takes care of me (and doesn't get impatient when I'm not feeling well), and for the healing he's already done in my body. All these blessings... why do I feel hopeless? I'm not alone. I'm well taken care of. God is not only healing my body, He's teaching me trust and discipline and many, many other important lessons. Thank God for His grace and his gentle reminders in the moments I feel hopeless!

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