Monday, August 8, 2011


Second day in a row that I get to be in/didn't have to take the daily picture (Thanks, Uncle Melvin!) And I look like a goober. Josh is making fun of me right now. I WAS LAUGHING, OK?!

Katie and Hannah came over tonight for dinner and video games, YAY! We were going to break in Dance Central after a little New Super Mario Brothers, but NSMB was so fun that it ate up the whole evening. Which is totally fine by me! It means they'll have to come back over soon so we can Dance. :) I love those girls; I'm so glad that I married into the unofficial family.

My health is improving slowly but surely. There are a lot of really long rituals involved with getting well.. They take up a bunch of time. But they're paying off! I'm already feeling much better. And Josh says he can tell a difference in my appearance as well, which is really encouraging! Like, REALLY encouraging. We're getting there, thank the Lord! 

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