Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Since our living room switch-up, (which brought the record player from the "Grumpy Neighbor's side" to the "Nice Neighbor's side") we've been able to enjoy our record player a lot more. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that "nice neighbor's" unit is lower, so that our floors aren't flush, and we were able to put the speakers on top of a bookshelf. On Grumpy's side, we only had room for them on the floor, which unfortunately carried the bass through the wall a little too well. And that's why she became Grumpy Neighbor in the first place. :/ We stopped listening to the record player after she got mad at us (we tried to adjust the levels but nothing really worked). But now we can use it anytime, and we've really enjoyed it! Currently listing to Twothirtyeight - love his voice.

Jordan didn't race this evening, so I've got nothing to report in the cycling department. SYTYCD was pretty good! Not as spectacular as I was hoping. Why would you have them do the disco on the performance finale... Just wondering. But I still love Melanie and Marko, and Sasha has stolen my heart as well over the past few weeks. Tadd's very talented, but he hasn't grabbed me like the other three have. I'll be pleased no matter who wins! But I think Melanie's got this one in the bag.... 

TWOTWOTWO g'night. 

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