Friday, August 12, 2011


WHAT A FUN DAY!! We went to Wave Country with the MacD's, followed by our favorite burger joint, Gabby's! Seriously delicious. Isn't this picture of them at Gabby's adorable?

I was afraid that I would get burnt to a crisp out there today. But I didn't! I had so much fun, got lotsa freckles, and really enjoyed lazing around in the Wave Pool with our good friends. It'd been a while since we've been able to hang out just us and them, and it was refreshing to get one-on-one time with 'em. :D

On the way home, Josh dropped me off at Starbucks to meet my JEN FRIEND ♥ she and I drove around for a few hours and talked about... everything... it was wonderful. Good girl time like that does my heart good, I'll tell you... And I got to see TWO good girl friends today! What a win. 

Now I'm exhausted from all that sun. Excuse me while I collapse into bed right now... 

OH! I almost forgot! Josh finished up the new Blimey Cow video today: Batman vs. The Impostor!

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