Thursday, August 18, 2011


Please excuse this post. I can tell it's all over the place and I'm not making a whole lot of sense.

You guys, I sleep in a lot. It keeps me from getting to sleep at night. Which... makes me sleep in again the next day, haha. So I'm trying to wake up earlier each day... so I can get to sleep earlier... Needless to say, my body's having a hard time catching up! I'm worthless when I don't get enough sleep... Lame, but true. I literally did nothing today. Nothing. At. All. 

Josh visited the Powells this afternoon to make a video and play some games - he had a great time! And he brought back the most delicious sweet pickles I've ever tasted. Turns out, their grandmother has a secret recipe that was imparted to her from God himself (that's my suspicion, at least - they are that good!).

I did play Words With Friends a lot. That's... like, Spelling, right? Like in school.. right?  

What the heck do I take a picture of tonight. So tired of this blog right now. I'm gonna just use photo booth.. 

Now Josh is playing this old game on the Playstation that I do not understand at all. 

And I'm eating strawberries with dark chocolate chips. So yummy. 

And... and that's it. I'm praying this sleeping strategy works out. I'm ready to have energy again!

G'night, blogosphere. 

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