Saturday, August 20, 2011


so cute :)

So... Josh really likes the fair, but I'm boring, and I don't like the fair. I understand why they're fun. I've had fun at the fair before! Buuuut that was before I started caring what I ate, and before I started HATING aimless wandering (makes me nervous), and before my tummy couldn't handle simple rides anymore. I wish I enjoyed going, I really do - especially since Josh's face lights up every time he talks about it. :/ So he has to get his "fair share" (harhar!) with other people - he went last weekend with Barry, and he went with his family tonight. He had a great time! And he had some pretty crazy stories for us when he got home, haha. I'm glad he's got friends and family that'll go to the fair with him, so I don't have to feel like I'm holding him back from fun. :) He gets so excited about stuff... I love his energy.

While Josh was out enjoying the fair, I was going to stay home all night. Just chillin'. But then Jen texted me and we made plans for her and Emily to come over here for some girl time! Well, that wasn't the original plan... Emily locked herself out, then Jen rescued her with a credit card, then we met up at Starbucks, but there were so many people that we relocated to the house :) It was a good night. Lots to talk about. They only just left, and it's 1:15am! We're all exhausted, as evidenced by today's picture. BED TIME GOODNIGHT.

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