Sunday, August 21, 2011


I'm the worst at planning for my daily pictures. THE WORST. I was at the cutest Bridal Shower I've ever been to, and I forgot to take my camera - or at least I THOUGHT I'd forgotten. Which is way worse than forgetting it. Because it was just sitting in the car the whole time. And I didn't take any pictures. I fail so hard at documenting important events on this blog..

But like I said, it was the cutest Bridal Shower I've been to. Bethany's sister, Monica, and their mother, Judy, were excellent hostesses. All the details were perfect!  And I had such a good time catching up with old friends :) I can't believe that Bethany and David are getting married in thirteen days - I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS WEDDING! Probably the most excited I've been about a wedding since my own. Those two are precious

We also had lunch with my family before the shower :) Always good to see them and get to hug them all. While I was at the shower, Josh, Barry, Amy, Jordan, and Lil Josh hung out at the house, to play Monopoly. They were still there when I got home, so we all hung out for a little bit. After they left, neither Josh nor I wanted to make dinner, so we went to Panera for a last-minute dinner date :) It's been a pretty busy day!

Also, go check out the new Batman Messyges! They crack me up.. 

I'm still kicking myself for not taking a picture at Bethany's shower, man.. :/

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