Sunday, August 28, 2011


Late lunch with my family today :) Time with them is so good. Nothing is sweeter than sitting around the bonus room, just chatting with them. Will you guys pray for my sweet momma? She's having a little trouble with her memory and I think it's scaring her :/ I hope it's ok that I've shared that.. I just want to get some prayer going for her. (P.S. isn't her sweet new "BLESSINGS" art so cool?)

Now we're over at the Taylor's - Josh and Jordan are working on a Blimey Cow video. Amy and I just got kicked out of the filming room, haha. I think that having an audience was stressing Josh out... Getting the boot bummed me out at first, but I'm better now - I know Josh needs some space when he's working on something creative. I'm the same way! Besides, Amy and I are watching Design Star on HGTV, so I'd say it's not a completely terrible trade-off. ;)

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