Friday, September 2, 2011


What a good day!

Thankful Thursday Gifts #36-115
the library's holding option - 5 minute chocolate cake - Netflix - Ryan Adams - Adventures in Odyssey - pumpkin pancakes - Vermont maple syrup - people who play Mayberryopoly with Josh - Leeland - my brown cardigan - the corner in the Taylor's couch (wayyy comfy) - unexpected laughs - John's disbelief in Neptune because he's "never seen it" - homemade mashed potatoes - leaves on the ground (already?!) - that my husband loves to talk with me - scrambled eggs - seeing my soon-to-be-married friends in love - homemade pizza straight from heaven - laughter - watching parents interact with their children - obedient kids - hope - acceptance - fruit pizza - genuine friends - hospitality - bright, colorful homes - the joy of a first lost tooth (misplaced though it may be: "It makes me strong!") - "No, Jesus makes you strong!" - new friends - heart-to-hearts with my husband - knowing that no matter what I do or say, I won't scare Josh away - "I really care about you" - affordable car repair (and the safety that comes with knowing your car is good for a while) - my sweet momma - forgiveness - a wonderful year of marriage - surprise daisies - "Pirate Booty" chips (aka healthy cheetos) - Sweet CiCi's watermelon sorbet - free movie tickets - The Help (good movie!) - romance - Josh in plaid shirts - being silly - reminiscing - starting to get the hang of the "cat eye" eyeliner style - grilled shrimp - the anniversary gifts we've received - whoever took care of our creeping weed for us - Messy Mondays  - an even playing field in Mario Party - The Generous Wife blog's gentle reminders - that Josh just holds me and listens while I cry - "Your worth is not based on your performance" - lists - my improving health - God's great faithfulness - Ray and Laurie's generosity - neck massages and the relief they bring for headaches - organization - forehead kisses - daydreams - generous friends - orange juice popsicles - relaxing at home with my sweetheart - what a good friend Jen has been all these years (we love her) - meals with friends - watching Josh and Jordan make videos - when Jordan's laughing so hard he can't get his lines out - good laughs with good friends - getting to see Jared after a summer's absence - you guys :)

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