Monday, September 5, 2011


It's rainy here. The trees are so green because of the rain - it's beautiful! 

Happy Labor Day! = it's Monday = the newest Messy Monday video is up!! Jordan talks about his new purity ring and suggests some hawt Christian pick-up lines in response to a fans' question. 

We went into town to get some groceries, which gave Josh the opportunity to talk to his good friend Barry (our cell service is pretty spotty on the mountain). Josh and Barry started collaborating on a daily devotion blog today.. Barry started the blog a few weeks ago, but he wanted to bring some dimension to the daily posts... so he asked Josh to join him because they see some things a little differently. Not disagreeing, just different mindsets. (Here is where Barry explained it better than I could.) So each day, they'll present their separate thoughts on a few chosen verses.. Which I think is pretty cool. Check it out! (And don't miss out on Josh's post underneath Barry's on the main page!) 

So yep. A pretty exciting day for us in terms of internet happenings. In real life, it's been very relaxing... Gotta love chilling in the hot tub with my sweetheart, watching the rain fall ♥ 

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