Saturday, September 10, 2011


We said our goodbyes to "our" Little Pine Lodge bright and early this morning. (Bright and early for me, that is. Josh had already been up for a bit before I woke up, ha ha. What can I say? I'm particular about my sleep ;p) We had such a good week up in the Smoky Mountains! We checked pretty much everything off of our wish list for the week: we visited our favorite restaurant, visited Wonderworks, hot tubbed almost every day, goofed off in the arcade, went for the most beautiful scenic drives, talked about visiting one of the little curio shops (but we never got around to it), and spent a whole lot of quality time just hanging out in the cabin. :) Josh even got to ride a roller coaster (sort of)! We had a lot of fun. It was cool to think back to a year ago when we came here for our honeymoon. How much we've grown and learned about each other... Being married is awesome, guys!

The trip back was beautiful (as usual) and we made good time. We stopped once to get gas and once for lunch, but even with that it only took about four hours. When we got home, we found our forgotten pile of clean clothes folded, the whole house vacuumed, and this pretty potted plant on our table! :D My super sweet Momma came in while we were gone so we'd have a tidy home when we got back. ♥ Isn't she sweet? It makes me feel special and loved :)

Now Josh and I are talking about going to see a movie tonight. We shall see! It's nice to be home.

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