Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I like the colors and the lines in today's picture :) I asked Josh if it was boring or if he thought it was kinda cool, and he replied, "Well, it's boring when you first see it, but if you look at it for more than a couple seconds, it becomes kind of intriguing." ...Thanks? Haha. I think I can deal with "becomes kind of intriguing" for now :p

Not much happened today.. I have a little bit of a headache :/ Josh has a couple drawings he's working on.. And... Oh, something did happen today: Josh has a new bike! His family found a good one for cheap at a garage sale or something, so they picked it up for him :) I'm so glad. Josh has really been missing his bike rides since his old one broke about a month ago. 

Parenthood comes back on tonight :) And the rest of the week involves a lot of hanging out with cool people! This week is turning out to be a good one. 

Ohhhhh no... Josh's work computer is freaking out right now. That's not good.. Man, I'm praying that resolves itself immediately. Josh is freaking out, too :/ Ha. I have to admit that the timing isn't completely awful - we just got a new computer this week for in case his current computer conked out. I pray that's not what's happening. But if it is, God's taking care of us. The worst that would happen is that Josh'd lose the current drawing he's working on. 


Oh, thank you LORD! The computer saved his work for him right before it froze up, so he only lost a few details that'll be easy enough to re-do! What a relief! See? God's taking care of us ♥ 

That's a good note to end on, I think :D You guys have a good Tuesday evening!

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