Thursday, September 15, 2011


AH the new 50mm lens came today! I LOVE it. Isn't this picture of Josh's eye amazing? It took me literally two seconds. I'm going to enjoy things like being able to get close to my subject, and the superior amount of light it lets in. It's much better quality than the one that came with the camera (we bought it on eBay, so it just came with a knock-off brand lens that did the job, but you know..). It was used for both of these pictures (Josh took the cute one of Jen). Man, I'm just excited about it :) Josh is looking forward to using it for a video. And I'm looking forward to playing with it in the upcoming days.

Isn't Jen pretty? :) We had a hot date with her this afternoon. We saw Contagion (it's good and it sparked an interesting conversation on the way home). Spending time with Jen is seriously our favorite... She's family.

And then tonight we had the pleasure of hanging out with a very fun group of people at the Perry's house tonight! Everyone contributed to dinner, and we had a great time laughing and getting to know each other. It's also like a prayer group, which I'm excited about. I enjoyed meeting new people... and it was awesome.

Well, it's Thursday, so you know what that means! I didn't keep a running list of gifts this week, so it's not as extensive as the last couple of weeks' lists. Whoops! 

Thankful Thursday: Gifts #201-242

safe trip home - my sweet, sweet momma's love - having clean house when we got home - pretty pink anthuriums - my sexy husband - hangman - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - spending time with the Taylors - making silly videos - having "game night" for the first time in a while - watching the guys play halo - easy, yummy meals - that Jen is safe after her fainting scare :/ - Family Ties on Netflix - more mindblowing color photographs from the 1940's  - getting to hang out with the Musgroves - Aunt Linda's Mock Chocolate Eclair! - Survivor premiere - "two pillow Hannah" - "two flower Katie" - bright gray skies - brazil nut macaroons - Jen's new blog! - finding a forgotten $10 iTunes card - having socks that fit - Josh's safety when he's out running/walking everywhere - new Adventures in Odyssey - annnd even more color photos from before 1950 (I love this stuff!) - hot date with Jen - political debates in the car on the way to and from the movies - genuine smiles - fellowship - Sara and Troy's hospitality - that 5 year old Noah asked Jesus into his heart! - positive feedback for the cookies - having a friend who understands my diet restrictions - meeting new friends - it being cool enough to wear the beautiful scarf that Emily got for me :) - being completely safe to be myself with a truly close friend - A car who's A/C and heat not only work, but kick in quickly - New 50mm lens for the camera ♥ 

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