Thursday, September 22, 2011


D'aww. I really like this picture :)

You guys, today's been rough. If you don't want to read three paragraphs from "discouraged Kelli," I suggest you skip ahead to the end :P

Last night, I was worn out and sure that I would have no trouble getting to sleep. That did not happen. Best I can figure, the soup I had at Fulin's last night must have way more MSG than I expected... I knew that it would be in there, but I've had the soup before and I thought I could handle a small bowl of it (and I've been good lately, darn it!). Turns out that my body didn't think so.. Insomnia and upset stomach = no bueno! I'm pretty sure I didn't get to sleep until like four in the morning. And I even managed to strain a shoulder muscle in my sleep last night (???) POOR KEWWI. So... I've been in an MSG-hangover fog all day. 

I'm super bummed that we had to postpone our photoshoot with the AMAZING Bethany Stone-Hall again, but I am very thankful for her patience with me. And I'm thankful that my sweet husband showed me patience too (he had every right to be irritated with me for canceling at the last minute again, but instead he forgave me and loved on me. I'm so blessed!) We are definitely looking forward to Saturday's photoshoot! Gonna get us some hawt pickchas!

I'm feeling a lot better right now than I did when I woke up! I just. Needed to sleep more, I think. And eat more. Shrug. This health journey is frustrating and confusing sometimes. But I have no other choice than to stick with it! Praise God for the healing He's already brought us. May He grant me the patience and diligence to stick with it!

DUDE. Only one hundred more days until I'm done with this blog! I can't believe it! :D :D :D :D :D :D

Hope everyone's having a great night! I plan to curl up and enjoy some TV with my man! :D Life is good.

EDIT, three hours later: HOLY COW, I forgot that today was Thursday. Well, if I'd remembered that, I wouldn't have made this post so long. Oh well. Thankfully I kept a running tally this time! This week's Thankful Thursday is another shorter one anyway, so :)

Thankful Thursday: Gifts #243-281

Halo parties - not having to make dinner (thank you Laurie!) - how cute Amy is - crab cakes - healthy "rice krispy treats" - grace when I'm overwhelmed - the Gator's victory over Tennessee - childhood classic brought to the big screen - understanding more jokes in The Lion King now that I'm older - cinnamon bun scented febreeze - getting to see my family!!!! - the Titans win - skillet-cooked salmon - getting big hugs from my family - hanging out with my "other" family (The Taylors) a lot this week :) - Amy's supercute yellow and gray sweatshirt - being silly making videos - making Jordan and Amy laugh 'til they're doubled over - The Contributer - being able to help out - Jared and Anna's sweet relationship - getting to hang out with great friends - getting to be in this week's Messy Monday video (I had a LOT of fun!) - scented candles - Bethany and David's cute apartment - heavenly ratatouille - hearing other couples' stories - newlywed chats - Fulin's - yummy sushi - my fish eye lens - getting to hang out with Emily and Danny finally (we're bummed that they're moving so soon! I feel like we missed out...) - convincing the Rushtons they should buy an XBox 360 - playing Truth be Told - getting to talk to someone who's done a 365 blog and understands what it's like - my sweet husband taking care of me - my eye getting better - going to sleep early

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