Friday, September 23, 2011


Yeah that's right I'm playing a little LOST Via Domus, nbd. 

Still feeling pretty blah today. I didn't sleep very well again last night, so today I'm feeling super sluggish. Exhausted is a better word, but I can't get my mind to calm down. I don't feel sleepy, just worn out. Y'know? It's frustrating. Josh went and got some melatonin for me today when he was picking up my iron supplement. I've taken one with the hopes that I could squeeze in a nap here soon, and lemme tell ya it's the fastest working melatonin I've ever used. Or maybe I'm just feeling the drowsiness more because I'm already tired. Who knows. Hopefully though that'll kick in for real and I can get some amazing sleep... start healing from this little funk. 

Oh, hey, I won something! I'm exited to get some pretty coasters with the gift card I won... she's got some awesome looking reclaimed poplar coasters annnnd I also like the mix-n-match set of four different woods. We'll see. I'm super excited :D :D

Josh just left to go to his family's so they can make this week's video.. and Jen's gonna be there too :( I'm bummed that I'm missing out. Trying to listen to my body. It's annoying. 

Alright. I'm gonna go lay down. Happy Friday Night, y'all. 

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