Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Cali and Nyk came over this evening, and we had a great time learning new games! Well, first we enjoyed an awesomely mismatched dinner... We learned that Cali and Nyk make some really good hushpuppies. So good. And then they taught us how to play Wahoo (which we both loved) and Settlers of Catan (which Josh loved, haha - jury's still our for me). We had such a great time. Barry and Emily showed up for a little bit too, but they got here late and left early because of work commitments, so Barry only got to play a quick game of Wahoo. It was nice to see them just the same :)

Thanks to Nyk and Cali for being so fun! We like you guys. We'll have to hang more often.

Another busy social week. Life is full and fun!

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