Thursday, September 29, 2011


Thankful Thursday: Gifts #282-311

new Ryan Adams music! - Kelli and Jake's wedding ♥ - dinner date with my wonderful Momma! - my sweet friend Emily (Happy birthday to you!) - being silly with Jen, Chelsea, and Emily - feeling better - Barry and Emily's new job opportunities - This American Life - mint infused epsom salt (smells so good!) - being caught up on the laundry - Josh's joy at getting to bike around the neighborhood - learning fun new games! - the Huber's hushpuppies - fun nights with friends - Wahoo - learning Settlers of Catan (even though most of it went over my head) - compromise - this AMAZING artist - last minute hangouts with the Musgrove family - afternoon naps - fresh, homemade guacamole - that life is full and happy - making mashed potatoes from scratch - dinner club - laughing with new friends - being encouraged - waking up to a love note taped on the mirror - wrapping presents (I always forget how much I enjoy that) - Troy and Sara's colorful and welcoming home :) 

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