Monday, October 10, 2011


Girl's night! For the first time in weeks for me. It's so nice to no longer be sick. So nice. I had a good time with these lovely ladies, just chattin' and laughin' it up.. I like them a lot ;) Josh spent the day with Barry making Wahoo boards (which I can't wait to see!)

So, I started Chamber of Secrets last night and finished it today around lunch time, when I started Prisoner of Azkaban... and I just finished it. I'm telling you, I'm a fast reader normally, but when I come across a story that really grabs me, I get downright obsessive about it and I can knock out a hundred pages in like an hour. Now I want the next book, haha... Like a junkie looking for his next fix. "Hello my name is Kelli and I have a Harry Potter problem." "Hi, Kelli."

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