Saturday, October 15, 2011


Praise the LordT for easy iTouch photos.

I woke up with a headache this morning :( So I've been chugging the water, making sure I eat enough, and taking my vitamins, but it's still hanging on. Soooo dumb. Admittedly, it is better now than it was this morning, but I missed Sarah and Jesse's wedding because of it :( Hopefully a good night's sleep will do the trick.

I got the last three Harry Potter books from Jen tonight!!! I'm so grateful that she's letting me borrow all her books. I know you guys know this, but I'm really enjoying being swept away in a good series.

Boys are supposed to make Messy Monday tonight, if Jordan will ever come inside to start it. OH MY GOSH while I was typing that, he actually came inside. It was like magic. Yeh're a wizard, Harry! Anyway, this MM should be a good one! Us girls have been playing Halo. Yeah that's right... we're awesome like that. I am soo tired of my gamer brothers hitting on me; I just want to be one of the guy-aaEAFEW&tRIkt7DEAD

You know how we hung out with my grandparents yesterday? Well, they're in town because this weekend is a family weekend at King College. They drove up this morning with my parents to surprise my youngest brother, Joshie! I wish Josh and I could've gone. We sure miss Josh Feener :( 

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