Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today has been wonderful. Josh is my best friend! The end.

Thankful Thursday: Gifts #373-400

the new Blimey Cow website! - tilapia - Panera date with Emily :) - free smoothie - hanging out with my grandparents - Ruby Tuesday's ah-mazing biscuits - also, their delicious croutons - feeling "grown up" - this Godz Bodz workout video haha - getting to help out with really important life events - Laurie's gnocchi soup omg - vanilla scented candles! - Josh getting to hang out and help out in the city with friends - romantic dates in the middle of the afternoon - Emily's chicken alfredo - learning a little self control - Josh's delight at winning games - How It's Made - Order of the Pheonix - my warm, fluffy, red robe in this chilly house - hangin' with the Musgroves - this other great post from Jamie the Very Worst Missionary - surprise chocolates in the mail - "starting over" - candlelit dinner - date day

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