Friday, October 21, 2011


Today we got to go out on a hott date with Jen!! We went to subway for lunch and then saw Ides of March. Jen and Josh liked it better than I did - I thought it was just ok, but not bad. Then we went to the Taylor's for dinner and Halo.. We surprised Jen with a month-long subscription to xbox live! Her gamer tag is DamNationzz, hahahaha :) She was thrilled. It was so cute! 

Man so now we're trying to figure out next week's schedules. Josh has a lot of great ideas for upcoming Blimey Cow videos and were gonna try to film two of them this next week.. But we're already committed to several different evening events.. What a nightmare.. So many things to do. Makes me tired just thinking about it, haha. It'll be fun though!

Josh is working on a drawing tonight that's really confusing :/ please pray that he gets it done quickly! 

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  1. I love how I do a double take to make sure it was real. You guys are the best. Seriously.