Saturday, October 22, 2011


HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY TO BLIMEY COW! Six years ago, my goofy husband and his little brother uploaded their first Blimey Cow video, Piano Notes, on Google video. Youtube wasn't even a popular thing yet. Jordan's little voice and ridiculously big hair crack me up..  I think Josh hates the old videos. But they make me laugh, and they remind me of goofing off with Josh in high school. He always made me laugh the easiest. 

Josh and Jordan celebrated by playing a bunch of outdoor games with some buds in Madison. I celebrated by reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince all day. Holy cow. I'm...geez. That was a great book. It made me cry.

Anyway, go celebrate Blimey Cow's birthday and watchfew of the classics. Or maybe check out my very embarrassing, yet weirdly prophetic debut into the world of Blimey Cow (I was not a vegetarian or interested in Josh when we filmed that...................... but that's about where the similarities end. Unless you count the ongoing rivalry between Jordan and I).

I daresay you've got a bunch of links to entertain you for the next 20 minutes, if you choose to watch all of them.. I may be a little biased, but I still think you totally should :) 

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