Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Y'know the exciting news we teased y'all about last Monday? I'm allowed to tell the internet now... Jared and Anna are engaged!!! And not only that, but we had the honor of helping Jared surprise Anna properly... it was a blast. Josh kept a log of what was going on that day and I took pictures of the finished product before we left.. So. If you're interested in some behind-the-scenes info from our perspective, read on!

9:26AM: Jared messages me (Josh) on Facebook to tell me that Anna figured out his end-of-the-month-proposal plan. Working on a back up plan with him.
10:12AM: I suggest doing the proposal at our house- we already had plans to have dinner with them anyway. Kelli and I will leave for the evening and have the place set up for a grand proposal. Jared and Anna will arrive at 5:30PM to find the house vacant, and they'll spend the evening here.
10:28AM: It's on. Jared calls me to confirm details. He's driving home to grab the ring!
10:45AM: Kelli and I make a list of all the things we need to accomplish in the next seven hours. It's a big list.
11:31AM: Jared calls again to confirm more details.
11:39AM: I call Dairy Queen to see about picking up an ice cream cake as a surprise for Jared and Anna. They put me on hold.
12:00PM: Leave for Mt. Juliet Dairy Queen, after Hermitage location says they'll call me back and then they never do.
12:30PM: Arrive home with the cake. They're gonna love it! "Happy Engagement Mr. and Mrs. Snyder"

12:40PM: Working on a music playlist to have going in the background when they arrive.
1:00PM: Cleaaaning time. This is going to take a while...
1:25PM: Kelli leaves to get supplies from Target. I continue cleaning...
1:39PM: Hermitage DQ finally calls me back. TOO LATE.
2:30PM: Jared calls for the last time before he's with Anna. He will not be reachable for proposal planning anymore. We final check all of the plans, share a few "all of these years comes down to this..." moments, and bid farewell.
2:40PM: Kelli returns home with supplies.
2:50PM: Still a few more things we need, so Kelli and I are switching duties- I'm off to Kroger, and she's staying to clean.
3:20PM: Back home with the last of the supplies, and back to cleaning. Bathroom..... ok.
4:20PM: Augh! We need candles for the dinner table. Headed to the store again! Kelli's going to vacuum.

4:40PM: Cleaning is done, vacuuming is done, now we're just rearranging everything to look amazing. Kelli is nailing it. This is going to be fantastic!
4:50PM: Cutting up potatoes for their proposal feast! We're almost done! 30 minutes to go, and then we're out of here!
5:00PM: Just got a call from Jared. They're running behind schedule. They should be here around 5:50. That's going to make our planned "Kelli had to make a last minute trip to the store and she forgot her wallet so I have to go take it to her. Just let yourselves in" phone call a little more difficult to believe, I'd guess. But hopefully she'll be so blindsided that Jared's proposing tonight and at our house that her guard will be down and she won't even think about it.
5:06PM: Candles are lit, food is ready to be cooked- now just making some last minute adjustments. Another 25 minutes or so and we're out of here!

5:20PM: Sounds like everything looks good! Jared just called to say they were on their way, and I told them Kelli was "at the store" so in 15 minutes or so, I can call and say she forgot her wallet and needs me to come pay for the groceries. I think this is going to work!
5:30PM: Spreading the rose pedals, and then heading out the door! Heading to my family's house.

5:40PM: Called Jared and fed him the lines about the wallet, etc.
5:45PM: Drop Kelli's car off at Kroger. Went in to get a snack (We were running around so much, Kelli hadn't barely eaten anything today!) Turns out Jared and Anna were AT Kroger picking up garlic bread. We ran into them and I saw the most terrified look I think Jared has ever made. Whoops. Big mistake. But thankfully Jared and Anna were on their way out, and we just told them to go on ahead and we'd be there shortly. I think Jared and I were a little frazzled by the surprise, but I don't think Anna picked up on it. she was on the phone most of the conversation. We hide in the back of the store until we're sure we leave, then we head to my family's for the evening.
6:45PM: Jared just called and said it was PERFECT! He said Anna was "red as an apple" and loved the whole thing. I heard her laughing in the background. I'd say it was a success! :D


  1. That is a great blow by blow! Thanks for letting us hear the event from your side. Anna of course filled us in on what had happened.

    Thanks for the beautiful photos also.
    Daddy Dan

  2. Just an update on how things get around at the speed of internet. Anna's grandma called me to tell me about your blog who was told about it from a friend in her bible study. Thanks for waiting to post until Anna and Jared could tell family directly.

    You did a great job!
    Dan Midgett

  3. Beautiful blog entry, Josh! Thanks so much for all you and your lovely bride did to help Jared surprise Anna. The pictures are great, too.
    And as Dan said, I also heard about this from my mom who had heard about it from a friend!

    Anna's (and now Jared's) Aunt Jeanice