Saturday, October 29, 2011


clockwise from top left: Christian, Josh, David, Jared, Jordan, Benge, Jen, and Ahymee :)

David is back from the Good Korea!!!!!!! We have missed him greatly back here in the states. Of course, the first thing we did for him was throw a Halo partay. There are five televisions and XBox 360s set up in that room. FIVE. So at any given time there were 10-11 players in the room. (Some people had already left by the time I took this picture, but Sarah, Ben, Giulia, Emily, and Barry were all here too.) It was a great time. Even when I'm not playing, I enjoy watching/listening to them freak out and/or taunt each other.. it definitely got loud! But it was a good time. I think good ol' David got the "WELCOME HOME" that he deserved :) Now we just have to wait another month until his sweet Kayla gets back too. 

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