Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yeah so today the pain was worse again :/ and I'm bored! Only so many hours of Netflix a person can take, haha, even if there are a ton of awesome documentaries and strange TV shows to get sucked up into. And we really need to go grocery shopping but I just can't walk around a grocery store yet. And Josh has been really busy with work this week, so the chores are piling up too.. I really wish I could help out because i know that living in this cluttered house is stressful. Sometimes I feel like I'm going a little crazy! It's not Josh's fault.. He's already cooking all the meals and taking care of my every need, on top of his workload. Josh is seriously the kindest and most patient man I've ever even heard of! 

That's about it. We're watching Survivor now, yay :)

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