Thursday, November 3, 2011


Did you know that pumpkin seeds are supposed to help you sleep? I read about them the other day, so I'm giving it a shot tonight. They apparently produce stupid looking grins in front of webcams, too. So, you know, pros and cons...

Only three more weeks until Thanksgiving! I completely forgot about last week's Thankful Thursday - I'll bet most of you didn't even notice (I sure didn't! haha). I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, though! Getting to hang out with family all day, reflecting on all the things we're thankful for, eating foods I'm not supposed to... It's gonna be awesome.

Today was amazing because I got to see both of my moms. First, my mom came over to use our oven to bake a pie that dad needed for work, so I got to help her out with the pie and I got a few mommy hugs out of it! It was wonderful to see her in the middle of the week. :) And I want to give special attention and thanks to Josh's mom - she is the best mother-in-law ever! She is so selfless and willing to help out however she can. Y'know when I said that we really needed to grocery shopping but I can't make my way around the store? Well, Momma Laurie loved on us greatly today by buying our groceries for the week. Isn't she wonderful? It really takes a load off my mind to know we have good food in this house to keep us nourished til I'm better :) thank you so much momma Laurie! 

Thankful Thursday: Gifts #400-438

the week off of Thankful Thursdays last week (whoopsie!) - hott movie date with Jen - DamNationzz ;) - Blimey Cow's 6th birthday! - getting to hang out with Ben and Giulia - having new "married friends" - Josh's beard - finishing the Harry Potter series - the new blogger app - peanut butter and/or chocolate smoothies - that I can't even taste the spinach in them - Cara being home from Madagascar (can't wait to see her when I'm better!) - Netflix - documentaries that make you think (specifically: Maxed Out, Forks Over Knives, and The Business of Being Born) - fake Halloween parties - getting to dress up like Velma - painted on freckles - seeing everyone dressed up for the shoot - the finished product: Batman vs Halloween - getting to hang out with Alex and Matt - Starbucks green tea - grace for the Perry family to get through this difficult time - David getting home safe from South Korea - David's Welcome Home Halo party - how sweet Giulia is to chat with me all night and wait to leave so she could say goodbye - continuing to learn to have a better attitude when I get sick - that my sweet husband takes such good care of me - "If you are a Christian you have to be happy all the time" (obviously that title's a joke!) - only 58 days til the end of this year - 58 days til THE END OF THIS BLOG ♥ - finding new blogs that encourage me to eat better - getting to see my mom in the middle of the week - our working oven - a generous mother in law who'll go grocery shopping for us while I'm bedridden! Thank you mom! - learning about couponing/meal planning - Spotify - that Jen's letting us borrow the Harry Potter movies - pumpkin seeds 

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