Sunday, November 6, 2011


Messy Monday this week has given us a lot of trouble. Mostly because Josh's had so much work and never got to even think about it until Friday. Then they tried to film it last night but they had nothing. And it was late. So Josh drove over this morning and they tried again.. and apparently that didn't go so well either haha. So while Josh was finishing up at the Taylor's, I was hanging out with my family :D Josh got to the Feener's about half an hour into the football game.. and then we watched the rest of the game with them. Now we're at home and Josh is trying to make Messy Monday work, haha... he says it's not happening, so I think we're going to head back over to the Taylor's so they can get some better stuff to work with. Annnnd I'm starving, so I'm glad to have a direction (I was waiting on making dinner until he got to look at today's footage). So yeah hopefully this all makes sense because I'm not even going to read over it again because we need to get going, haha. BYE GUYS LOVE YOU ALL

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