Monday, November 7, 2011


Y'know that old saying, "The family that preys (on virtual zombies) together, stays together?" It's so true.

Today has been awesome! Josh and I've just been hanging out around the house all day. I know that we get to hang around the house together pretty much every day (since I don't work and he works from home), but there really is a huge difference between when he's working and when he's off for the day. When he has work, we both end up doing our own thing.. not exactly quality time. But today was one of those nice days when he didn't have to work at all :) We watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, played House of the Dead 2 and 3 on the wii, edited today's Messy Monday together, and we also laughed and flirted and generally just had a good time throughout the day! It was really good. I love that man.

Speaking of today's Messy Monday ("Why I Hate Going to the Movies"), you should seriously check it out. I'm not biased or anything... except I totally am since I had so much fun helping them out with it, haha. I'm actually in this one! I think it worked out really well despite the trouble we had with it. So what are you waiting for?! Click the blink!

I also got to see Emily today! I hadn't seen her in a week! She stopped by after work to borrow a book. It was so nice to get to hug and chat with her, even if it was just a short chat. I've missed my friends this week.. Her friendly visit was just what I needed :)

Now I think we may play some more videos games or something. G'night :)

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