Thursday, November 10, 2011


Tonight was awesome. I seriously had a blast, and I love these people.

Thankful Thursday: Gifts #439-477

two more weeks til Thanksgiving! - mulberries - coconut water - Josh's friendship with Barry - Cochran - the red beaded coin earrings that Emily got me for my birthday in Isreal (they're my favorite earrings!) - getting to have friends over! - killing zombies with my boo - feeling better - dreams - the sweetest husband in the world - both of my families' willingness to help out when we need it - that Josh is starting to be more interested in the Harry Potter movies :D - crumbled goat cheese for salads - spinach/roasted tomato/feta ravioli - working taste buds (because more than half of these are food! haha) - vanilla scented candles - challenging viewpoints - when friends find happiness - learning to coupon - not caring if some of these are doubles week to week - that I'll get to see my youngest brother in two weeks!!!!!! - that Josh lets me help out with Messy Mondays - this moment - a husband who cleans the bathroom for me (because I absolutely hate doing it) - getting to wear my cute red ankle boots - cool stuff I find on Pinterest - a nice bath - having a clean house - having great friends over :) - our new game Wheedle - Spotify music sharing partay - wii gun games - finding marbles for the Wahoo boards - *almost* playing our board's first game - "I'd say, if you have five or six good friends in a lifetime, you are truly blessed." -John Whittaker 

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