Sunday, November 13, 2011


I really like this picture of all of us! 

Dude, I never take naps. (mostly because I try to get a ton of sleep each night, and naps usually keep me from getting to sleep at the end of the day). But I actually fell asleep during the second half of today's Titan's game while we were over at my family's. Then I almost fell asleep over here at my other family's after dinner. I think my body's trying to tell me I need a day or two to recharge. Can I just say how annoying that gets sometimes? 

Other than that though, today has been really cool. I got to hang out with my family for half a football game ;), then I met up with Jen and she helped me pick out some hawt new jeans! We looked for boots too but all the boots we liked were too expensive :/ NOW we're over at the Taylor's and they're shooting tomorrow's video. It's just been a really fun day... :) 

Ok I feel like I'm not making any sense or something... so I think I'll try to take another nap while they're shooting so maybe I can kick this headache out of my life. G'night friends!

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