Monday, November 14, 2011


Well, we were supposed to hang out with Freya, Winston, Giulia, and Ben this evening, but I'm not feeling so great so we had to postpone the triple date night extravaganza. It's nothing serious, we just had a busy weekend and I haven't gotten the amount of sleep I need (which really messes with me). And I just couldn't justify going out and staying out late :( So instead, I rested. We watched some Boy Meets World season 7 :) Josh made dinner! AND he even took the picture for today :p Isn't he sweet? I'm so spoiled..

I'm hoping I'll be back to 100% by Wednesday because we're driving down to see Dr. Rawdon that afternoon. Hoping for an encouraging report... But I'm expecting a very strict diet/supplement plan. And I'm still trying to get into the right mindset for that, haha. I don't know why it's proving so difficult.

Oops, I almost forgot! Be sure to watch today's Messy Monday video: "The Three Types of Churches." IT'S A GOOD ONE. 

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