Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It's been a long day. We drove down to AL to see my holistic doctor, so that took pretty much all day. Then when we got home we went over to the Musgroves and had a great time hanging with "Thug Caiden" and the ladies of the family. Even though I'm tired, the laughter and friendly atmosphere was totally worth going out again :) I always feel very welcome when I'm around them..

Overall, we both got great reports at Dr. Rawdon's. Every time I've been before, there've been at least ten or eleven "trouble areas" that needed to be dealt with... This time there are only five trouble areas! I was so encouraged by that. Of course, Josh's report was amazing. I was like, "WTF WE EAT THE SAME THINGS!" But he doesn't have the food sensitivities that I do.. also he exercises, haha. So you know. 

The doc suggested a bunch of supplements to help out with my deficiencies, malabsorption issues, and imbalances (which are closely related if you think about it). Then he worked out a much smaller list of supplements to improve Josh's pancreas (the ONE area that apparently isn't 100%, haha. It's more like 90%, can you believe that guy? :P). We discussed what the best diet plan for us would be.. and (this is a biggie) we decided that we're going to do a 30 day juice fast. So no solid foods.. just smoothies and freshly pressed veggie/fruit juices for 30 days! Are we crazy? Maybe. But our insides are going to be in awesome shape when it's over. 

So tomorrow we're going to figure out our plan of attack. And we'll probably start officially in a few days. I'm very excited. Nervous! But excited. I believe I'll be able to do this, and I believe that my body will benefit greatly from it. I'll keep you guys updated during the fast, for sure. 

Yep so it's been a good day. I'm encouraged. :)

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