Thursday, November 17, 2011


Last night, I learned that what I'll be doing is technically a juice feast, since my end goal is not weight loss, and I won't be restricting my intake at all... In fact, doc said I need to keep juice in my hand all day long so I get as many nutrients as I can. It's not as imperative for Josh, since one of his goals is to lose weight. But for me, I'm feasting. Maybe that's the change in mindset I was talking about needing yesterday. Maybe I need to stop thinking of this as a deprivation. It's a feast. I'll get to try so many new juice combinations! If I do it right, my energy won't be all over the place (as it usually is), because I'll be constantly nursing my juice. That's kind of encouraging :)

This week I'm trying to be creative in my meal planning... Gotta get the rest of our leftover/perishable solid foods outta the house before we start this fast! Er, feast ;) I've been wanting to be more disciplined in my meal planning, and I feel like that will be imperative to my success in this feast. If I don't go in with a plan, I'll just get overwhelmed and stress myself out. Anyway, now I have several recipes that will keep us fed / use up our supply, and a small grocery list for this week. It feels good. I hope I can keep this up through the 30 days.

I think Josh and I might actually watch the next Harry Potter tonight!!!!! :D

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  1. You can do it Kelli!!!!
    I'll keep you and Josh in prayer.