Friday, November 18, 2011


I got to hang out with Emily today! :D we went to Fired Up and I started painting a little piggy bank to join the two that currently reside on our bookshelf. I didn't finish it though because my "vision" was all over the place :p I think up more and more detailed/involved designs every time I go.. It's a problem. But I hadn't been to Fired Up since July, you guys! I had such a good time with Emily :) it was good to catch up with her.

After fired up I went over to the Taylor's where they'd just finished filming messy Monday (with Katie, Hannah and Stevens, no less! I missed out, huh..). Jen even waited for me!! That made me feel special - I got to see both my girls today. Jen, Jordan, Amy, Josh and I played this game called "Hidden in Plain Sight" (we all enjoy it so much that Josh emailed the developer this morning, who then blogged about it - check it out!!). It's only a buck in the XBox Indie Store! A BUCK! It's really fun.

THEN Mr. Mark and Mrs Tonya and Joshuwa came over for dinner :D Wa-Wa is ADORABLE. I like Mrs. Tonya. And Mr Mark is as loud as always. He helped out with this week's Messy Monday video, too... I didn't get to see any of the filming this time but from what I understand, it's going to be hilarious. I really can't wait to see it.

Josh and I ended up not watching the next Harry Potter last night :( but it's ok because we found out that Amy, Jen, Jorda,n and Sarah were at Starbucks, so we drove down to hang with them instead of watching the movie. Totally. Werth. It. Eventually, we all migrated to our house so we could play that game Hidden in Plain View. GAMER PARTY LOLZ!1111 John and Matt showed up for a bit too before I kicked 'em all out around 11:30 ;) Anyway, we've been joking that it's going to take Josh and I longer to watch all the movies than it took me to read the books, haha. I wouldn't be surprised.

Today was fun :)

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