Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today's sunset was beautiful!

So obviously I had some energy issues yesterday, since I straight up fell asleep on the couch, haha. Many thanks to Wally the Late Puppy for taking care of last night's post for me. :P I didn't get the chance to link to yesterday's Messy Monday video. And maybe I'm being bold in saying this, but IT'S PROBABLY THE BEST ONE YET nobigdeal. So you should watch it. It's all about Chuuuuuuurch Youth Groups!

Yesterday, I started this thought: "So I've been thinking a lot, a lot, a lot about when this blog will be finished. I know I want to keep blogging, but not every day and certainly not so photo-driven." It's creeping up on me.. only 39 days left! And. I honestly don't remember where I was going with that when I wrote it yesterday, haha. Just stuff I'm thinking about, I guess. *Shrug*

Josh spent the afternoon with Barry since the MacDs are leaving town tomorrow. I spent the afternoon trying to be productive. I didn't even get half my list done, haha. I think just I needed a chill day :P 

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. We're REALLY going to watch Order of the Phoenix tonight! 

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