Thursday, November 24, 2011


HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Now I wish I'd taken a pic at the Taylor's too. I went the lazy route after two big meals, lol. I'm sorry I did that though. I'll have to make up for it next time we're over there!  

Without Further ado, here it is: 

The FINAL Thankful Thursday: Gifts #513-577

the Feener family - that Uncle Harold and Angelique (sp?) invited us into their beautiful home and fed us - getting to taste traditional Russian food (it was soooo yummy!) - Ethan's generosity when it comes to the baked goods ;) - seeing a bunch of deer in Uncle Harold's backyard - getting to vent a little to Alex :) - Joshie hugging me when I needed it - that Joshie's home! - getting to take a picture with everyone there - that Josh and Grandpa get along so well - Momma's accidental Mexican dip that was so delicious  - that the car made it home after lurching around like it did - that we have an extra car that got us to the Taylor's - the Taylor family - smoked turkey! - that Ray smoked some salmon for me (even though I didn't realize it was there...) - getting to eat smoked salmon tomorrow :D - Momma Laurie's delicious sweet potato casserole - sitting around the table with the whole Taylor fam - playing games with Amy and Jordan - that Amy and I were totally on the same wavelength during our new game "Sync Up" - goofing off - coming home with my sweetheart - getting to spend Thanksgiving with BOTH our families! - that we're about to start our juice feast - Fired Up with Emily - getting to see Wa-Wa and Mark and Tonya - all the times we got to hang out with Jen in the past week! - going to see Breaking Dawn with Jen and Joshie - dance party wit' ma mom - getting to help my husband out with his videos :) - a cheap(er) grocery bill this time around - YOU GUYS ♥ - a happy home - being married to my best friend - that this is the last week I have to make one of these lists ;)

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