Tuesday, November 29, 2011


three three three, BAM. 

This evening we're over at the Taylor's playin' Halo with the guys. Actually, the guys all went out to dinner at Ocharley's first.. Josh dropped me off at his family's.. and now they're all back over here with three TVs and XBoxes set up! Pretty fun :)

Friends, I'm sorry for the quality of my pictures lately. I know that I've been downright lazy recently. We're getting near the end of this thing, and part of me is just ready to be done with it.. but a bigger part of me wants to finish it out well. So I'm thinking about doing one of those 30 day photo challenges to make myself be more involved. And that'll leave the 31st day of December open for my closing post.

I just don't want to look back on this experience as something I fizzled out on. I wish I'd been better about forcing myself to take good pictures every day, instead of allowing myself to become complacent and stop trying. 

For example: in November alone, I've put up 8 photo booth pictures of just me. And I also had my first "missed a post for no reason" experience this month... Only two other times this year have I missed  completely, and that was due to a fever the first time, and the second time Blogger was down. SO YEAH. Obvs I've been feeling poorly, too. But that's just a lame excuse. I wanna do this thing right. 

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